11 Plus English tuition

11 plus private English Tuition

The 11 Plus English test will asses your child’s understanding of written texts, their grammar, punctuation and spelling skills and in some cases, how they compose a written task.
Encouraging your child to read as often as possible can have a big impact on your child’s overall English ability. Planning, writing and reviewing their own work is also a great way for your child to practice their spelling, punctuation and grammar.

11+ English areas

All children preparing for the 11+ at PlusTuition are put through a core English programme. This involves children covering the following important topics:
  • Synonyms, Antonyms and Compound Words
  • English Comprehension, looking at modern, classic, fiction, non-fiction and poetry
  • Spelling an Vocabulary, looking and going through over 2000 words
  • Understanding the correct use of English Grammar
11 plus english tutor


A comprehension exercise might ask questions based on a long or short passage (fiction or non-fiction)

English Grammar

Correct English grammar is needed to structure sentences in order to communicate clearly and effectively


Learn to spell through reading and writing. Practice makes perfect.

English Vocabulary

One of the most important aspects covering Synonyms and Antonyms, Compound words and the definition of words